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Strategic Consulting

A major hospital consortium in South Carolina benefits from the years of consulting expertise delivered by AHS. Along with providing custom software and product training, AHS has developed their Strategic Consulting deliverables to address major process changes within any healthcare institution.

The multi campus healthcare group was struggling with bad debt and collection management techniques that proved inefficient. "With the rising number of self pays and high deductible policies, we couldn't keep up" explains the VP of Finance, major healthcare group.

During the assessment phase of the project, AHS was able to recommend solutions that-while not stressing the budget-would better enable the client to understand their cash flow and how to improve it. We started our fact finding mission with simple interviews with key staff to get a handle on current processes and to expose opportunities for improvement. While the hospital was profitable just a few years back, it has since seen a decrease in its cash flow. "You have to cinch down the hatch, so to speak" said Tim Laurent, Delivery Manager with Accurate Health Systems, "especially when we have rising costs of healthcare and poor insurance plans". According to Tim, the costs of medical care have risen while the insurance companies are paying less then ever before.

After the assessment, AHS delivered a suite of tools designed to stop the bleeding and initiate a turn around for the healthcare provider. "Major overhauls like this do not happen overnight or with a magic potion", said Eric Rivero, an Accurate Health consultant. The efforts need constant management and an agreed upon acceptance to change long standing process within the institution.

With the AHS tools in place, AHS moved onto the third initiative of their Strategic Improvement plan for the South Carolina Hospital. AHS began developing future state plans for the hospital group which included a new registration management system, multiple application integration plans, and a hosted application to track and improve patient relations. While AHS develops custom software, we also leverage our technology experience for our clients' benefit. "Basically, we know what works well together" said Rivero, "an invaluable part of any partnership we have with our clients."

Accurate Health Systems will prioritize your initiatives based on four major criteria:

  • Organization's readiness to embrace initiatives
  • Cost of initiatives (project and resources)
  • Value to the organization
  • Technology readiness and capabilities

For more information, visit our solutions page for Healthcare Strategic Consulting

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