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Nurse Rounding

Accurate Health Systems has proven results that demonstrate nurse rounding as the single means of making changes that improve healthcare for your patients and generate cost savings for you. We can show you how our solution reduces or even eliminates laborious tasks and reports real-time rounding scores. We are sure you will want to see these documented results!

Nurse Rounding

AHS has years of experience with building patient advocacy within hospitals. Our practical approach to consulting has allowed us many views into the areas of customer service. Through our seasoned experiences, AHS can help you define your patient relation directives.

  • Patient service is more than just retention of your customers, it is also a way of improving the experience for ongoing patient satisfaction
  • Upstream and downstream measurement of your customer satisfaction for a 360 degree view of your customers
  • Knowing what and how to measure is only half of the equation, knowing how to execute on the results is paramount to successful patient advocacy
  • Preemptive decision making to better patient retention

One of our tools, eMedRounds, has been developed from the same minds that have helped many hospitals and healthcare providers use technology to help increase efficiencies and decrease the administrative burden commonly associated with nurse rounding.

  • Instant Service Recovery
  • Improved accountability
  • Better patient satisfaction scores

Our web-based service is "self supported", which equates to a more cost effective ownership than traditional software. The application allows you to quickly change questions and other configuration data such as users and departments without the need to rely on your IT group for help.

By using Accurate Health Systems consulting services to help define your facility's patient satisfaction initiatives and nurse rounding out those directives with our fully customizable tools, you'll see marked improvements with measurable results.

We invite you to discover what makes Accurate Health Systems one of the leading healthcare consulting and solutions providers. Contact us today to learn how we can help you manage your needs.

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