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Patient Registration QA

Accurate Health Systems designed RegiStar with leading healthcare consultants and hospital administrators to make sure every critical step in the patient registration process is examined. The end result is a 62 point inspection for each audited registration that comes into the RegiStar system. Let us show you how the details of where the errors are occurring will lead into registration desk trending for the purpose of departmental training, employee acknowledgements or reprimands and overall patient registration quality assurance improvements.

Patient Registration QA

By utilizing the power of this software, you will find dramatic savings in time and a more accurate picture of your registrars' performance. The ultimate goal of increasing cash flow in the revenue cycle by avoiding registration errors will be realized as costly delays in billing and insurance processing will be avoided.

  • Eliminate costly delays in billing and insurance processing due to registration errors
  • Enable the focus of headcount on higher value tasks
  • Registrars' competencies are documented for regular or ad-hoc assessments
  • RegiStar workflow ensures special case registrations are followed-up upon and not forgotten
  • Efficient use of QA Desk's time as the tool may be tuned for each registrars' level of experience

"To get the most comprehensive picture of revenue cycle performance and capitalize on the best opportunities for improvement, key performance indicators must be monitored and trended on an ongoing basis, starting with your registration desk." -- HFMA toolbox, 9/2004

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