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Patient Relations (Complaint Management)

If improved patient relations and hospital safety are important to your organization, then automating the management of patient feedback and complaints with eMedResponse is one of the most effective ways to accelerate the achievement of your safety and satisfaction goals. With eMedResponse feedback and complaint Software you will make it easy and convenient for front-line staff to capture patient feedback and you will be able to rest easy knowing that the system will not allow anything to fall through the cracks. As well, with eMedResponse's easy yet powerful reporting, your will be spending far less time on administrative tasks and more time on resolving patient and staff issues - which benefits everyone.

Patient Relations
  • Accelerate service recovery efforts by capturing feedback immediately when it is received
  • Empower staff to take a more active role in patient satisfaction, safety and quality initiatives by moving feedback capture from a back-office to a front-line activity
  • Improve patient relations & customer service by ensuring that every issue is escalated properly and no feedback falls through the cracks
  • Resolve issues through automated alerts before they inflate into major problems
  • Increase staff productivity with automated reporting capabilities and form letter templates
  • Maximize resource utilization by quickly analyzing trends & patterns and deploying resources to the areas that truly need attention
  • Easier compliance with regulatory bodies such as JCAHO, CMS, HIPAA and CCHSA by collecting data in the format and at the frequency they require
  • Support and upgrades assures you can never outgrow the product

Customer complaints, compliments, and suggestions offer valuable insight into performance-improvement opportunities. eMedResponse will facilitate the capture of this information, help identify those opportunities and transform customer feedback into service delivery excellence.

By utilizing eMedResponse to document customer inquiries, centralize collaboration and communication and streamline resolution processes, the highest level of satisfaction and customer loyalty can be achieved.

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