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Consulting Services and Solution Delivery

The alignment of people, process and technology through effective process design and comprehensive change management is critical to the success of technology implementations.

Minimize the disruption and risk of implementing a new system by taking advantage of our solution delivery services. Following a proven methodology, our team of expert consultants, project managers and technical specialists collaborate with your organization to manage the moving parts and deliver sustainable value more quickly.

Our solution delivery services include:

Business Process Design

Transform your organization into a model of operational efficiency. Our consultants take the time to understand your current environment, analyze critical processes, map them against best practices and provide a detailed blueprint for continual improvement for your most important functional areas.

Process Implementation and Training

Rely on our process implementation services to align your organization's processes with your new system. We can help you validate your system design, implement key processes and provide comprehensive training to help your staff maximize its use of its Accurate Health Systems solution.

Integration and Data Mapping

Data translation and electronic data exchange are major components of the complex environment in which our clients operate. The multiple data standards and vast number of client relationships require a flexible and configurable solution in integration and data migration.

Approaching integration as a discipline provides a flexible layer so that disparate applications can communicate with each other. AHS's Integration Services Solution allows our clients to focus on urgent integration components while providing comprehensive, reliable and secure data integration capabilities.

Our fully-integrated solution provides connectivity, data transformation, intelligent routing and web-management capabilities. We work with several data migration products to provide a customized integration solution.


Customize an Accurate Health Systems application for added functionality and greater integration into your existing systems. Our team works with your IT experts to create custom solutions, including interfaces, reports and specialized product functionality to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Change Management

Turn to our consultants to manage the organizational and cultural change that results any time a new solution is implemented. Our team is experienced in putting the appropriate infrastructure in place to minimize disruptions and prepare your organization for success.

We are committed to providing solutions and resources that enable you to continuously improve your performance and deliver high quality healthcare.

We invite you to discover what makes Accurate Health Systems one of the leading healthcare consulting and solutions providers. Contact us today to learn how we can help you manage your needs.

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