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Strategic Roadmap Development and Execution

Success of any of your initiatives (IT or otherwise) starts with more than just a great idea or a mandate. Through only buy-in from the appropriate business units and a solid foundational assessment will these initiatives become a reality. Accurate Health Systems has decades of experience helping our clients build a viable strategy and taking their vision to fruition. The vehicle to success, or the Strategic Roadmap, organizes prioritized initiatives into an actionable plan. This helps business and technology stakeholders clearly understand the series of initiatives, activities, process and technical integration requirements necessary to achieve the vision of the organization.

During a roadmap project, AHS will produce a variety of foundational deliverables that will drive the subsequent phases of the project.

  • Develop future state vision
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews to collect input for future state capabilities based on planned business tactics
  • Identify benefits that will be achieved through future state initiatives
  • Analyze business processes related to future state objectives
  • Define technology requirements based on stakeholder needs, integration complexities, and desired services
  • Review existing architectures and strategies from a technology perspective
  • Evaluate existing project initiatives and documentation
  • Analyze technology gap analysis and business tactics to formulate initiatives
  • Evaluate the competitive landscape
  • Develop screening criteria to prioritize initiatives
  • Develop initial Roadmap recommendations into an executive presentation

Once the roadmap is in place, AHS will help you through the next steps that may include package selection, vendor selection, IT governance and implementation. We have time tested project methodologies and seasoned resources to ensure your projects move productively from initiation to close.

We have a team of experienced developers and business analysts working diligently to build various non-clinical administrative applications developed to suit whatever need may exist in your healthcare environment.

We invite you to discover what makes Accurate Health Systems one of the leading healthcare consulting and solutions providers. Contact us today to learn how we can help you manage your needs.

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